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Data from: Evolution of life history and dispersal traits during the range expansion of a biological control agent

posted on 2024-02-13, 14:59 authored by Eliza I. Clark, Ellyn V. Bitume, Dan W. Bean, Amanda R. Stahlke, Paul A. Hohenlohe, Ruth A. Hufbauer

This data was collected as part of a study on how Diorhabda carinulata, the biological control agent for the invasive weed tamarisk or saltcedar, has evolved during its rapid and recent range expansion. Eight populations of D. carinulata were collected from across the range, with four sites at the range core and four sites at the expanding edge. The data includes dispersal frequency and distance data from male D. carinulata and fecundity and age at first reproduction data from females. Dispersal data were collected using tethered flight mills in the laboratory and additional data is provided that describes the friction of each individual mill.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Life History Traits.

    File Name: eggCount_AgDataCommons.xlsx

    Resource Description: Fecundity, age at first reproduction, and body mass data from D. carinulata.

  • Resource Title: Dispersal Traits.

    File Name: flightTrials_AgDataCommons.xlsx

    Resource Description: Dispersal parameters from tethered flight mill experiment on D. carinulata from core and expanding edge of its range.

  • Resource Title: Flight Mill friction.

    File Name: millFriction_AgDataCommons.xlsx

    Resource Description: Data from friction calculations for each individual flight mill used in the dispersal trials.

  • Resource Title: Metadata.

    File Name: Metadata_AgDataCommons.docx

    Resource Description: Description of each data file.


USDA-NIFA: COLO-2016-09135


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Clark, Eliza

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This data was intended to evaluate differences in dispersal ability and fecundity between the core and edge of the range of D. carinulata. More generally, this dataset describes spatial and life history evolution during range expansion and in a biological control agent.

Use limitations

The dispersal data was collected for only male D. carinulata, so female dispersal parameters are unknown. The collections of beetle populations occurred in 2017 and 2018 and the range expansion has since continued.

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Western United States

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evolution; life history; biological control agents; Diorhabda carinulata; invasive species; Tamarix; males; fecundity; females; friction; data collection; species dispersal; geographical distribution; biological weed control; insect flight

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Clark, Eliza I.; Bitume, Ellyn V.; Bean, Dan W.; Stahlke, Amanda R.; Hohenlohe, Paul A.; Hufbauer, Ruth A. (2021). Data from: Evolution of life history and dispersal traits during the range expansion of a biological control agent. Ag Data Commons.