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  • Effect of planting date on maize starch structure, properties, and ethanol production
  • Wind effect on corn leaf azimuth
  • Agronomic responses of corn to stand reduction at vegetative growth stages
  • What does it take to detect a change in soil carbon stock? a regional comparison of minimum detectable difference and experiment duration in the north central united states
  • Corn era hybrid dry matter and macronutrient accumulation across development stages
  • Crops, climate, culture, and change
  • Probability of yield response to inoculants in fields with a history of soybean
  • Corn era hybrid response to nitrogen fertilization
  • Data management approach to multidisciplinary agricultural research and syntheses
  • Soybean seed yield and composition response to stand reduction at vegetative and reproductive stages
  • Standardized research protocols enable transdisciplinary research of climate variation impacts in corn production systems
  • Optimizing corn seeding rates using a field's corn suitability rating
  • Climate Warming Trends in the U.S. Midwest Using Four Thermal Models
  • Paired field and water measurements from drainage management practices in row-crop agriculture
  • Yield-based corn-planting date recommendation windows for Iowa
  • Sustainable Corn CAP Research Data (USDA-NIFA Award No. 2011-68002-30190)
  • Corn Growth and Development
  • Maize Leaf Appearance Rates: A Synthesis From the United States Corn Belt
  • Corn Era Hybrid Nutrient Concentration and Accumulation of Secondary and Micronutrients
  • Corn Era Hybrid Macronutrient and Dry Matter Accumulation in Plant Components
  • Conditions potentially affecting corn ear formation, yield, and abnormal ears: A review
  • Quantifying the impact of climate smart agricultural practices on soil carbon storage relative to conventional management
  • Indicators of water use efficiency across diverse agroecosystems and spatiotemporal scales
  • Impact of controlled drainage on corn yield under varying precipitation patterns: A synthesis of studies across the U.S. Midwest and Southeast
  • Impact of controlled drainage on subsurface drain flow and nitrate load: A synthesis of studies across the U.S. Midwest and Southeast
  • Transforming Drainage Research Data (USDA-NIFA Award No. 2015-68007-23193)
  • Corn yield response to subsurface drainage water recycling in the midwestern United States
  • Lengthening of maize maturity time is not a widespread climate change adaptation strategy in the US Midwest
  • U.S. cereal rye winter cover crop growth database

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