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GenSAS: A Web-Based Platform for Structural and Functional Annotation and Curation of Genomes

posted on 2024-02-08, 22:58 authored by Jodi L. Humann, Taein Lee, Stephen P. Ficklin, Chun-Huai Cheng, Heidi Hough, Sook Jung, Jill L. Wegrzyn, David B. Neale, Dorrie S. Main

The Genome Sequence Annotation Server (GenSAS) is an online platform that provides a pipeline for whole genome structural and functional annotation. Users can upload genome sequences and select from a variety of tools for repeat masking, prediction of gene models and other structural features as well as functional annotation tools. GenSAS integrates with JBrowse and Apollo to provide visualization and editing.

GenSAS is completely web-based with no software to install. User accounts ensure data is kept private and progress is saved automatically. Projects can be shared with other GenSAS users for collaborative annotation. Tools settings are customizable and tools can be used with user uploaded evidence files or with provided global library files for repeat, transcript and protein alignments. Results are exported in GFF3 and FASTA file formats.

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Washington State University



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Humann, Jodi

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MainLab Bioinformatics, Washington State University


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genome; databases; transcriptome; bioinformatics; unigenes; data collection; nucleotide sequences; prediction; models; genes; nucleic acids; proteins; expressed sequence tags; open reading frames; ribosomal RNA; microsatellite repeats; transfer RNA; eukaryotic cells; signal peptide; computer software

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Humann, Jodi L.; Lee, Taein; Ficklin, Stephen P.; Cheng, Chun-Huai; Hough, Heidi; Jung, Sook; Wegrzyn, Jill L.; Neale, David B.; Main, Dorrie S. (2018). GenSAS: A Web-Based Platform for Structural and Functional Annotation and Curation of Genomes. MainLab Bioinformatics, Washington State University.

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