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BAR- The Bio-Analytic Resource for Plant Biology

posted on 2023-11-30, 08:10 authored by University of Toronto

BAR is a collection of web-based, user-friendly tools for exploring, visualizing, and analyzing large datasets from plants. Supported are expression data, Next-Gen sequence data, protein-protein interactions, polymorphisms / conservation, and protein 3-D structures.

The BAR is funded in part by Centre for the Analysis of Genome Evolution and Function, grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to Dr. Provart, and from Genome Canada to the Arabidopsis Research Group at the Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto. The BAR may be used to explore large-scale data sets from Arabidopsis and other species, and for hypothesis generation.

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Provart, Nicholas


University of Toronto


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evolution; grants; Canada; Arabidopsis; genes; data collection; protein-protein interactions; membrane proteins; genomics; gene expression; fluorescence; genetic markers; transcription (genetics); transcription factors; binding sites; databases; DNA; nucleotide sequences; gene expression regulation; bioinformatics; seed coat; Magnoliopsida; Medicago; soybeans; potatoes; Arachis; grapes; Liliopsida; corn; barley; triticale; Brachypodium; Physcomitrella; mice; capsid; computer software

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University of Toronto (2018). BAR- The Bio-Analytic Resource for Plant Biology. University of Toronto.