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posted on 2024-02-16, 15:37 authored by Scott C. Havens, Daniel G. Marks, Micah Sandusky, Andrew Hedrick, Micah Johnson, Mark Robertson

Python implementation of the Snobal model applied at either a point or over an image (iSnobal). This package contains the C libraries of Snobal in a python wrapper for more flexibility and ease of interaction. has functions for general interaction. More detailed and flexible functions can be found in the Automated Water Supply Model (AWSM). Features:

  • cythonized version of iSnobal
  • packaged up
  • can take variables from SMRF memory or read in inputs to run iSnobal
  • designed to work within AWSM framework

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Havens, Scott

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USDA Agricultural Research Service


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ISO Topic Category

  • climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
  • environment
  • geoscientificInformation
  • inlandWaters
  • location

National Agricultural Library Thesaurus terms

models; Agricultural Research Service; meteorological data; watersheds; databases; climate models; air temperature; vapor pressure; snow; wind speed; solar radiation; thermal radiation; application programming interface; watershed hydrology; statistical analysis; United States; mountains; climate; snowpack; streams; irrigation; flood control; power generation; ecosystem services; water supply; climate change; managers

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  • 005:18 - Agricultural Research Service

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  • 005:040 - National Research

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  • 211

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  • No

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  • Public

Preferred dataset citation

Scott Havens, Danny Marks, Micah Sandusky, Andrew Hedrick, Micah Johnson, & Mark Robertson. (2018, July 11). PySnobal (Version v0.2.0). Zenodo.