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The RHEM Web Tool

posted on 2024-02-15, 18:04 authored by USDA Agricultural Research Service

The RHEM Web Tool is a web-based interface for the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM). The interface allows users to input commonly known rangeland characteristics and use parameter estimation equations to construct model input files and run the RHEM model.

RHEM is designed to provide sound, science-based technology to model and predict runoff and erosion rates on rangelands and to assist in assessing rangeland conservation practice effects. RHEM is a newly conceptualized, process-based erosion prediction tool specific for rangeland application, based on fundamentals of infiltration, hydrology, plant science, hydraulics and erosion mechanics.

This web application was built with the following goals in mind:

  • Simplify the use of RHEM
  • Manage user sessions
  • Centralize scenario results (model runs)
  • Compare scenario results
  • Risk assessment
  • Provide tabular and graphical reports

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Armendariz, Gerardo


United States Department of Agriculture

Use limitations

RHEM is currently a single storm runoff and erosion computer model. Parameter estimation equations have been developed based on the measured rangeland erosion plot data for the two primary erodibility and infiltration parameters (Kss and Ke). Parameter estimation for other input parameters, including concentrated flow detachment, are currently under development. The parameter estimation procedures for Kss and Ke are grouped according to dominant plant forms of sod-grass, bunch-grass, shrubs, and forbs with a different set of estimation equations for each grouping. Hence currently, the model may be parameterized and executed for undisturbed rangeland conditions.


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soil erosion models; rangelands; equations; models; runoff; prediction; hydrology; fluid mechanics; computer software; Natural Resources Earth and Environmental Sciences

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USDA Agricultural Research Service (2019). The RHEM Web Tool. United States Department of Agriculture.

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