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CameraTrapDetectoR Pig Model

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posted on 2024-02-20, 20:23 authored by Amira BurnsAmira Burns, Ryan Miller, Hailey Wilmer, Michael Tabak, Daniel Falbel, Tess Hamzeh, Ryan K. Brook, John A. Goolsby, Lisa D. Zoromski, Raoul Boughton, Nathan Snow, Kurt VerCauteren

This dataset contains the model weights, architecture, and class label dictionary for CameraTrapDetectoR pig-only model version 1. The model architecture is a FasterRCNN object detection model with a ResNet50 backbone. This model identifies and counts wild pigs in camera trap images. It also includes categories for non-pig detections (animal, human, or vehicle), and a background class. Additional information about the R package and the training data can be found in the package's Github repository:

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  • is a folder containing the model architecture, model weights, and class label dictionary used to deploy the pig-only model version 1 in CameraTrapDetectoR


USDA-APHIS: Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health


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Burns, Amira

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Ag Data Commons

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The dataset supports the R package CameraTrapDetectoR with model architecture, model weights, and class label dictionary for the pig-only model version 1, launched January 2022.

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North America

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data collection; models; cameras; species identification; ecology; animals; automation; taxonomy; wildlife management; environmental monitoring; computer vision; swine; prediction; user interface

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  • 005:32 - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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  • 005:037 - Research and Education

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Burns, Amira L.; Miller, Ryan; Wilmer, Hailey; Tabak, Michael; Falbel, Daniel; Hamzeh, Tess; Brook, Ryan K.; Goolsby, John A.; Zoromski, Lisa D.; Boughton, Raoul; Snow, Nathan; VerCauteren, Kurt (2023). CameraTrapDetectoR Pig Model. Ag Data Commons.