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Bushland Evapotranspiration and Agricultural Remote Sensing System (BEARS) Software

posted on 2024-02-15, 18:50 authored by Prasanna GowdaPrasanna Gowda, Jerry E. Moorhead, David K. Brauer

Evapotranspiration (ET) is a major component of the hydrologic cycle. ET data are used for a variety of water management and research purposes such as irrigation scheduling, water and crop modeling, streamflow, water availability, and many more. Remote sensing products have been widely used to create spatially representative ET data sets which provide important information from field to regional scales. As UAV capabilities increase, remote sensing use is likely to also increase. For that purpose, scientists at the USDA-ARS research laboratory in Bushland, TX developed the Bushland Evapotranspiration and Agricultural Remote Sensing System (BEARS) software. The BEARS software is a Java based software that allows users to process remote sensing data to generate ET outputs using predefined models, or enter custom equations and models. The capability to define new equations and build new models expands the applicability of the BEARS software beyond ET mapping to any remote sensing application. The software also includes an image viewing tool that allows users to visualize outputs, as well as draw an area of interest using various shapes.

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United States Department of Agriculture


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evapotranspiration; remote sensing; computer software; hydrologic cycle; water management; irrigation scheduling; crop models; stream flow; data collection; scientists; Agricultural Research Service; spatial data; models; equations

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Gowda, Prasanna H.; Moorhead, Jerry E.; Brauer, David K. (2019). Bushland Evapotranspiration and Agricultural Remote Sensing System (BEARS) Software. United States Department of Agriculture.

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