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i5K Workspace@NAL

posted on 2024-02-09, 17:40 authored by Monica PoelchauMonica Poelchau, Christopher Childers

The i5k Workspace @ NAL is a platform for communities around ‘orphaned’ arthropod genome projects to access, visualize, curate and disseminate their data. If you would like for us to host your genome project, please visit our Project and Data submission page, and then contact us to get started. You can also read our paper on the i5k Workspace, view our posters and talks, and find our software projects on github.

About the i5k initiative

The i5k initiative is a transformative project that aims to sequence and analyze the genomes of 5,000 arthropod species. The National Agricultural Library has partnered with the i5k initiative to create the i5k Workspace @ NAL, which serves any ‘orphaned’ arthropod genome project's hosting needs. For more information about the i5k initiative, read the paper and visit the website.

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    The i5K Workspace @ NAL web page, which includes data downloads, tools, tutorials, and other resources.


    Many of the genomes, predicted gene sets, and RNA-Seq data hosted on the i5k Workspace @ NAL are not yet published. These data are made publicly available in order to enable rapid research on individual genes prior to genome analysis publication. These data are covered by the Ft. Lauderdale and Toronto agreements. Following these agreements, the data producers make the data available and state their intent to publish analyses, the data users ask permission to use the prepublication data and cite the appropriate source, and the journals and reviewers ensure that articles are published following the guidelines. Please contact the genome community contact, available on each organism page, if you wish to use these sequences in published analyses. Get in touch with the i5k Workspace @ NAL if you have any questions.




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Poelchau, Monica




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Poelchau, Monica; Childers, Christopher (2017). i5K Workspace@NAL. USDA-ARS.

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