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Variants from "The role of deleterious substitutions in crop genomes"

posted on 2024-02-13, 13:06 authored by Thomas J.Y. Kono, Fengli Fu, Mohsen Mohammadi, Paul J. Hoffman, Chaochih Liu, Robert M. Stupar, Kevin P. Smith, Peter Tiffin, Justin C. Fay, Peter L. Morrell

SNP calls in protein coding regions were obtained from 15 barley and 8 soybean lines. Non synonymous SNPs were predicted to be deleterious or not using three approaches.

There are two gzipped VCF (variant call format) files with variant calls for barley and soybean. A total of 652,797 SNPs were identified in the barley lines, which consisted of 13 cultivars and 2 wild accessions. For soybean, 7 cultivars and 1 wild accession were used, and 586,102 SNPs were called. Whether a variant is deleterious or not was determined using SIFT (, PolyPhen2 (, and a likelihood ratio test of sequence conservation. Raw reads are available through the SRA accession numbers in Table S1 of Kono et al. 2016. The code used for this research, BAD_Mutations, is open source and freely available at

Sponsorship: USDA NIFA National Needs Fellowship (Appropriation No. 5430-21000-006-00D); MnDrive 2014 Food Security Fellowship; Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station Variety Development fund; United Soybean Board; U.S. NSF Plant Genome Program (BDI-1339393)

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USDA-NIFA: 5430-21000-006-00D

National Science Foundation: BDI-1339393


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Kono, Thomas J.Y.

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University of Minnesota

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single nucleotide polymorphism; open reading frames; barley; soybeans; cultivars; germplasm conservation; mutation; bioinformatics

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Kono, Thomas J Y; Fu, Fengli; Mohammadi, Mohsen; Hoffman, Paul J; Liu, Chaochih; Stupar, Robert M; Smith, Kevin P; Tiffin, Peter; Fay, Justin C; Morrell, Peter L. (2016). Variants from "The role of deleterious substitutions in crop genomes". Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota,

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