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US Department of Agriculture Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) site 2199 data, Riesel, Falls County, Texas

posted on 2023-11-30, 08:41 authored by Tony Tolsdorf, Michael Strobel, Deb Harms

This dataset contains air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, soil temperature, and soil moisture data from the Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) site 2199, "Riesel," located in Falls County, Texas. The dataset links to a National Resources Conservation Service data request form, from which available data can be queried. The data collection site is at an elevation of 539 feet; data has been continuously collected there since 2013-09-10.

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U.S. Department of Agriculture


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Tolsdorf, Tony

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United States Department of Agriculture

Intended use

Soil water status and soil temperature are critical parameters for many applications, including continental-scale climate models, soil classification, and drought assessment. National resource management issues for which long-term soil / climate information is needed include To monitor drought development and trigger plans and policies for mitigation, Investigate climate change scenarios, To predict the long-term sustainability of cropping systems, and watershed health, To monitor and predict changes in crop, range, and woodland productivity in relation to soil moisture-temperature changes, To predict regional shifts in irrigation water requirements which may affect reservoir construction and ground-water levels, To predict shifts in wetlands, To develop new soil moisture accounting and risk assessments, To predict changes in runoff that affect flooding and flood control structures, To verify and ground-truth satellite and soil moisture model information, To predict and mitigate pest and disease outbreaks, For soil classification, For energy conservation, For Input to global circulation models

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data collection; air temperature; relative humidity; solar radiation; wind speed; soil temperature; soil water; climate; Texas; climate models; soil classification; drought; resource management; issues and policy; climate change; cropping systems; watersheds; woodlands; irrigation water; water table; wetlands; risk assessment; runoff; flood control; satellites; models; pests; disease outbreaks; energy conservation

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Tolsdorf, Tony; Strobel, Michael; Harms, Deb (2020). US Department of Agriculture Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) site 2199 data, Riesel, Falls County, Texas. United States Department of Agriculture .

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