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posted on 2024-02-09, 18:18 authored by Mark A. Weltz

The USLE_1981-4 project data (Universal Soil Loss Equation) was collected from of (9) sites at (4) locations. A Swanson rotating boom simulator with (30) V-Jet 80100 nozzles applied rainfall at two different intensities, 60 or 130 mm/hour depending on how many nozzles were turned on. Specially designed flumes used with the FW-1 automatic water level recorder were used to obtain continuous runoff flow measurements. The sites in this data set followed a standardized rainfall simulator protocol which future studies by multiple investigators would continue to use. The data set contains rainfall simulator hydrologic and erosion data as well as vegetation and ground data collected in spring and fall from 1981 to 1984.

All sites had (3) treatments with (2) replications. The vegetative plot manipulation treatments were: clipped, all vegetation clipped at ground surface and removed, bare, vegetation clipped and removed with all rocks larger than 5 mm removed, natural, vegetation left natural, tilled, all vegetation removed and soil tilled. Dataset data was published in Proceedings of the Rainfall Simulator Workshop 1985 Tucson, AZ in table format appendices. There is also (8) supporting data files with related site data. The raw data for the New Mexico site is not currently available.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: USLE Project.

    File Name: USLE Study.ZIP

    Resource Description: USLE_81-4_Read Me file describes: general information, unresolved issues, data set contents, and list of references and Journal papers. USLE_81-4_AllData.xls includes: runoff data, foliar cover, and ground cover data.




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Unresolved Issues • For Walnut Gulch sites Cave and Hathaway, unable to find soil map unit and soil component without latitude and longitude. • Need the New Mexico raw data. • The data from the rainfall simulator workshop sites Reynolds Creek and Saval Ranch included “Litter” in the total for Canopy cover. The other sites did not include “litter” in the Canopy cover %. Most likely this is standing litter and was only recorded at Reynolds Creek and Saval Ranch. The % cover will include the “standing” litter which is separate from ground litter. The comment “% Cover includes “Standing” Litter” will be entered for this data. • Need sand, silt, and clay for Saval Ranch. • Data not found or available: Time to Runoff, Runoff Duration, CumulQ, CumulS, Infiltration, canopy grass annual

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