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USDA Agricultural Research Service - Patented Bioenergy and Environment Technologies

posted on 2023-12-14, 14:19 authored by USDA Agricultural Research Service

Recent USDA/ARS patented technologies on bioenergy and the environment that are available for licensing are described, including summary, contact, benefits, and applications. Updated June 2018.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Bioenergy and Environment - Available Technologies, June 2018.

    File Name: Bioenergy and Environment.pptx

    Resource Description: Slides presenting title, contact, docket number(s), description, image, benefits, and applications of each new technology.

  • Resource Title: Patented Technologies Data Dictionary.

    File Name: patented-technologies-data-dictionary.csv

    Resource Description: Defines fields, data type, allowed values etc. in patented technology tables.

  • Resource Title: Bioenergy and Environment - June 2018.

    File Name: Bioenergy_and_Environment_2018-06.csv

    Resource Description: Listing of technologies to convert materials to bioproducts from agriculture and food production into fuels and other marketable products, and technologies to monitor and conserve the environment and resources. This CSV file provides the title, technology type, docket number, contact, description, and category for each item. Machine-readable content extracted from corresponding slides accompanying this dataset.


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Nakanishi, Brian

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USDA Agricultural Research Service

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To disseminate patent and licensing information and help move ARS research discoveries to the marketplace.


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USDA; agricultural research; Lactobacillus buchneri; ethanol production; nucleotide sequences; Oenococcus oeni; genes; winemaking; ethanol fermentation; hemoglobin; dyes; wastewater; agricultural wastes; chlorine; polluted soils; polychlorinated biphenyls; perchlorates; composts; explosives; esterases; Lactobacillus fermentum; biomass; ferulic acid; foods; antioxidant activity; feeds; butyric acid; hydrolysates; Clostridium; wheat straw; corn stover; rice hulls; Panicum virgatum; feedstocks; feed supplements; perfumes; additives; drugs; disinfectants; plasticizers; surfactants; fabrics; animal manures; phosphorus; ammonia; emissions; nitrates; nitrifying bacteria; fertilizers; poultry; swine housing; heavy metals; fatty acids; markets; toxicity; water pollution; mining; flue gas; industrial sites; surface water; water quality; batteries; carotenoids; biodiesel; Scheffersomyces stipitis; xylose; glucose; byproducts; pentoses; corn husks; Saccharomyces; gene expression; DNA-binding proteins; engineering; industrial applications; technology transfer; patents

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USDA Agricultural Research Service (2018). USDA Agricultural Research Service - Patented Bioenergy and Environment Technologies. USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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