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USDA ARS National Rhizobium Germplasm Collection

posted on 2023-11-30, 08:08 authored by USDA ARS National Rhizobium Germplasm Collection

Our mission is to support application of low-input sustainable agriculture by: Providing, to the best of our ability, technical information about rhizobia, their preservation, and cultural and symbiotic characteristics; Acquiring and preserving the nitrogen-fixing bacterial symbionts of leguminous plants with the goal of maintaining widest possible genetic diversity; Maintaining quality control of new and existing germplasm by evaluation of microbiological purity and by examination of nodulation of the original trap host plant; Distributing cultures to the public and private sectors without charge for these services; Developing or adapting techniques in molecular biology for the determination of genetic diversity of rhizobia, to investigate interactions with their host plants and to identify novel characteristics; Acquiring, maintaining, evaluating quality, and distributing type strains for all the different taxa of nitrogen-fixing legume symbionts; Participating in the UNESCO program.

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Elia, Patrick

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USDA Agricultural Research Service


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sustainable agriculture; nitrogen fixation; symbionts; genetic variation; quality control; germplasm; nodulation; host plants; molecular biology; organisms; legumes; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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USDA ARS National Rhizobium Germplasm Collection (2017). USDA ARS National Rhizobium Germplasm Collection. USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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