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The GRIN-Global Project

posted on 2024-02-09, 18:14 authored by GRIN-Global Project

GRIN-Global is an ongoing international collaborative project to develop shared and open-source applications that help manage plant germplasm collections. The software was jointly developed by the Agricultural Research Service of USDA, Global Crop Diversity Trust, and Bioversity International, with the first version released in December 2011. The ARS has used GRIN-Global to manage its plant germplasm collections, the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System, since November 2015. GRIN-Global is an extension of Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) information management system, which was first developed by ARS beginning in the mid-1980s.

GRIN-Global is comprised of a suite of computer applications that are used internally by genebank staff to curate collections, as well as a public website through which scientists can query the database and request samples of germplasm through a shopping cart process.

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Bioversity International


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Kinard, Gary

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To provide a scalable version of the Germplasm Resource Information Network (GRIN) suitable for use by any interested genebank in the world.

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germplasm; Germplasm Resources Information Network; plants (botany); microorganisms; invertebrates; cultivars; livestock; livestock and meat industry; genetic variation; gene banks; plant exchange; Food and Agriculture Organization; food security; genetic databases; plant genetic resources; Agricultural Research Service; computers; computer software; Internet

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GRIN-Global Project (2018). The GRIN-Global Project. GRIN-Global.