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The Bronson Files, Dataset 2, Field 17, 2013

posted on 2024-02-16, 18:44 authored by Kevin Bronson, Matthew ConleyMatthew Conley

Dr. Kevin Bronson provides this unique nitrogen and water management in cotton agricultural research dataset for compute, including notation of field events and operations, an intermediate analysis mega-table of correlated and calculated parameters, and laboratory analysis results generated during the experimentation, plus high resolution plot level intermediate data analysis tables of SAS process output, as well as the complete raw sensor recorded logger outputs.

This data was collected during the beginning time period of our USDA Maricopa terrestrial proximal high-throughput plant phenotyping tri-metric method generation, where a 5Hz crop canopy height, temperature and spectral signature are recorded coincident to indicate a plant health status. In this early development period, our Proximal Sensing Cart Mark1 (PSCM1) platform supplants people carrying the CropCircle (CC) sensors, and with an improved view mechanical performance result.

See included README file for operational details and further description of the measured data signals.

Summary: Active optical proximal cotton canopy sensing spatial data and including additional related metrics such as thermal are presented. Agronomic nitrogen and irrigation management related field operations are listed. Unique research experimentation intermediate analysis table is made available, along with raw data. The raw data recordings, and annotated table outputs with calculated VIs are made available. Plot polygon coordinate designations allow a re-intersection spatial analysis. Data was collected in the 2013 season at Maricopa Agricultural Center, Arizona, USA. High throughput proximal plant phenotyping via electronic sampling and data processing method approach is exampled. Acquired data using USDA Maricopa first mobile platforms, such as the Proximal Sensing Cart Mark 1, where the first dual sliding arm configuration was deployed and platform clearance raised successfully as design improvements. SAS and GIS compute processing output tables, including Excel formatted examples are presented, where intermediate data tabulation and analysis is available. The weekly proximal sensing data collected include canopy reflectance at six wavelengths, ultrasonic distance sensing of canopy height, and infrared thermometry. Lint and seed yields, first open boll biomass, and nitrogen uptake were also determined. Soil profile nitrate to 1.8 m depth was determined in 30-cm increments, before planting and after harvest. Nitrous oxide emissions were determined 20 or more weeks in the season with 1-L vented chambers (samples taken at 0, 12, and 24 minutes). Nitrous oxide was determined by gas chromatography (electron detection detector).


USDA-ARS: 101-2020-515 008

USDA-ARS: 2020-13660-008-00D


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Research Science - Compute simulation modeling creation or validation. Spatial high frequency sampling and agronomic data numerical analysis. Support agricultural research in phenotyping of plants generally. Example nitrogen management and / or irrigation management of cotton for decision support or experimental parameterization. Example proximal plant phenotyping data. Provide statistical modeling opportunity understanding high resolution proximal terrestrial datasets. Support best practice production of cotton fiber in a climate uncertain future environment. Support remote sensing ground truth with gridded numerical data integrations. Support establishment of successful high-throughput proximal plant sensing methodologies conducted in the field environment.

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Research grade data numerical public usages, including the high frequency active optical reflectance and agronomic operations conducted around soil fertility and cotton production, note that these specific experimental results may not be representative of other plant species or geographic locations.

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Maricopa Agricultural Center farm field seventeen

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phenotype; canopy height; color; plant health; health status; reflectance; global positioning systems; nitrogen fertilizers; soil; ultrasonics; canopy; vegetation; phenology; agroecosystems; nitrogen; Plant Science and Plant Products; vegetation index; simulation models; agricultural research; irrigation management; statistical models; data collection; lint cotton; climate; remote sensing; soil fertility; normalized difference vegetation index; leaf area index; leaf reflectance

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Bronson, Kevin; Conley, Matthew M. (2021). The Bronson Files, Dataset 2, Field 17, 2013. Ag Data Commons.