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TERRA-REF Season 4 and 6 Sorghum phenotypes and agronomic metadata in BrAPI format

posted on 2023-11-30, 11:26 authored by David LebauerDavid Lebauer

This data represents a small subset of the TERRA-REF release available on Dryad (LeBauer et al 2020, In addition to harvested biomass for each cultivar, it includes plot location, planting date, harvest date, fertilizer application, genotype / accession names and metadata, and additional agronomic management metadata for a population of Sorghum bicolor evaluated over two growing seasons. Please refer to the parent dataset for additional information on experimental details.

This dataset also contains an archive of software used to translate BrAPI formatted data into ARDN-compliant formats. The code and intermediate files used to demonstrate a run of the crop model DSSAT can be viewed on GitHub

One way in which the data can be accessed is through a BrAPI-compliant endpoint at This dataset is a snapshot of the TERRA-REF BrAPI endpoint contents, representing the minimum data and metadata required to run a crop model. These BrAPI-compliant json files were downloaded from BrAPI is a data format widely used by plant breeders, and is described in Selby et al. 2019,

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Season 4 Agronomic Management BrAPI format.

    File Name: events_6000000010.json

  • Resource Title: Season 6 Agronomic Management in BrAPI format.

    File Name: events_6000000034.json

  • Resource Title: Season 4 Germplasm in BrAPI format.

    File Name: germplasm_6000000010.json

  • Resource Title: Season 6 Germplasm in BrAPI format.

    File Name: germplasm_6000000034.json

  • Resource Title: Season 4 Phenotypes in BrAPI format.

    File Name: observations_6000000010.json

  • Resource Title: Season 6 Phenotypes in BrAPI format.

    File Name: observations_6000000034.json

  • Resource Title: Season 4 Study Metadata in BrAPI format.

    File Name: study_6000000010.json

  • Resource Title: Season 6 Study Metadata in BrAPI format.

    File Name: study_6000000034.json

  • Resource Title: Season 4 and 6 List of Germplasm.

    File Name: germplasms_table.csv

    Resource Description: fields:

    • germplasmDbId: unique identifier in database

    • germplasmName: accession number

    • commonCropName: name of the crop

    • Resource Title: Season 4 and 6 Phenotypes in CSV format.

      File Name: obs_table.csv

      Resource Description: Subset of information from the BrAPI Phenotypes file, converted to CSV format for analysis and use in ARDN modeling pipeline. Additional metadata provided in the BrAPI format.

    • studyDbId: Season, either TERRAREF-----S4 or TERRAREF-----S6 to distinguish season 4 and 6

    • observationunitDbId: unique identifier for each record

    • germplasmName: accession identifier

    • observationTimeStamp: date of observation in YYYY-MM-DD format

    • aboveground_dry_biomass: units are kg / ha

    • canopy_height: height of the canopy above ground in cm

    • panicle_count: number of panicles per square meter of plot area


Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy, DE-AR0000598


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LeBauer, David

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Intended use

This data is intended for use for crop modeling. It is the first attempt to convert BrAPI-compliant data into the standard format used by crop models in the AgMIP project.

Use limitations

These data are in the public domain. These are made available here for inclusion in the Agricultural Research Data Network, in a format defined by the AgMIP Crop Experiment format. Please cite LeBauer et al 2020 doi:10.5061/dryad.4b8gtht99

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Agricultural research field under the field scanner at the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center in Maricopa, Arizona

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phenotype; metadata; scanners; Arizona; biomass; cultivars; planting date; harvest date; fertilizer application; genotype; Sorghum bicolor; growing season; data collection; crop models; plant breeders; digital images; genomics; meteorological data; phenomics; color; field methods; algorithms; databases; plant breeding; durum wheat; winter; artificial intelligence; image analysis; engineering; agronomy

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Preferred dataset citation

LeBauer et al 2020 "Data From: TERRA REF, An Open Reference Data Set From High Resolution Genomics, Phenomics, and Imaging Sensors", Dryad, 10.5061/dryad.4b8gtht99