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Spatial Transcriptomics of chicken pectoralis major muscle

posted on 2024-06-11, 05:04 authored by University of Delaware
This study aims to use spatial transcriptomics to characterize the cell-type-specific expression profile associated with the microscopic features observed in Wooden Breast myopathy. 1 cm3 muscle sample was dissected from the cranial part of the right pectoralis major muscle from three randomly sampled broiler chickens at 23 days post-hatch and processed with Visium Spatial Gene Expression kits (10X Genomics), followed by high-resolution imaging and sequencing on the Illumina Nextseq 2000 system. WB classification was based on histopathologic features identified. Sequence reads were aligned to the chicken reference genome (Galgal6) and mapped to histological images. Unsupervised K-means clustering and Seurat integrative analysis differentiated histologic features and their specific gene expression pattern, including lipid laden macrophages (LLM), unaffected myofibers, myositis and vasculature. In particular, LLM exhibited reprogramming of lipid metabolism with up-regulated lipid transporters and genes in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors pathway, possibly through P. Moreover, overexpression of fatty acid binding protein 5 could enhance fatty acid uptake in adjacent veins. In myositic regions, increased expression of cathepsins may play a role in muscle homeostasis and repair by mediating lysosomal activity and apoptosis. A better knowledge of different cell-type interactions at early stages of WB is essential in developing a comprehensive understanding.


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