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Science Standard Error (SE) CONUS (Image Service)

posted on 2024-06-05, 12:43 authored by U.S. Forest Service
The USDA Forest Service (USFS) builds two versions of percent tree canopy cover (TCC) data to serve needs of multiple user communities. These datasets encompass the conterminous United States (CONUS), Coastal Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands (PRUSVI). The two versions of data within the v2021-4 TCC product suite include: - The raw model outputs referred to as the annual Science data; and - A modified version built for the National Land Cover Database referred to as NLCD data. They are available at the following locations: NLCD: The Science data are the initial annual model outputs that consist of two images: percent tree canopy cover (TCC) and standard error. These data are best suited for users who will carry out their own detailed statistical and uncertainty analyses on the dataset, and place lower priority on the visual appearance of the dataset for cartographic purposes. Datasets for the nominal years of 2008 through 2021 are available. The Science data were produced using a random forests regression algorithm. For standard error data, the initial standard error estimates that ranged from 0 to approximately 45 were multiplied by 100 to maintain data precision in unsigned 16 bit space (e.g., 45 = 4500). Therefore, standard error estimates pixel values range from 0 to approximately 4500. The value 65534 represents the non-processing area mask where no cloud or cloud shadow-free data are available to produce an output, and 65535 represents the background value. The Science data are accessible for multiple user communities, through multiple channels and platforms. For information on the NLCD TCC data and processing steps see the NLCD metadata. Information on the Science data and processing steps are included here.

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