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STEWARDS - A data delivery application for the USDA/ARS Conservation Effects Assessment Project

posted on 2024-02-08, 18:29 authored by John Sadler, Jean Steiner, David JamesDavid James, Bruce Vandenberg, Greg Wilson, Josh Obrecht, Teri Oster, John D. Ross, Jin-Song Chen, Kevin Cole, Jerry Hatfield, Dave Anderson

A data delivery application that provides web-based access to of soil, water, climate, land management, and geospatial data produced by Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) watershed research sites across the United States.

  • Data access via ArcGIS Server and MS SQL Server
  • Enhanced data searches and summary options in Tools
  • Access to high-resolution imagery in the Map>Table of Contents
  • Enhanced graphing options on the Get Data page
  • Transparency sliders for individual map components in the Map>Table of Contents

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Data contact name

Cole, Kevin

Data contact email


Agricultural Research Service

Intended use

To support the USDA/ARS Conservation Effects Assessment Project, a publicly available Web-based watershed data system, named Sustaining the Earth's Watersheds-Agricultural Research Data System (STEWARDS), was developed to provide data search, viewing, and downloading capabilities. STEWARDS is a data delivery system with a geographic information system interface, using space, time, and topic as key fields for searching an extensive database of soil, water, climate, and land management data from multiple long-term research watersheds.

Temporal Extent Start Date



  • irregular


  • Not specified

Geographic Coverage


Geographic location - description

United States of America; Georgia; Iowa; Idaho; Indiana; Maryland; Missouri; Mississippi; Oklahoma; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Texas

ISO Topic Category

  • climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
  • environment
  • farming
  • inlandWaters

National Agricultural Library Thesaurus terms

acetochlor; air temperature; alachlor; alkalinity; aluminum; ammonia; ammonium nitrogen; arsenic; atmospheric precipitation; atrazine; base maps; calcium; calcium carbonate; carbon; chlorides; chlorophyll; clay soils; coarse-textured soils; copper; cyanazine; depth; dissolved oxygen; evaporation; evapotranspiration; fine-textured soils; glyphosate; humidity; hydraulic conductivity; irrigation; loamy sand soils; magnesium; manganese; metolachlor; metribuzin; nitrate nitrogen; nitrates; orthophosphates; phosphates; phosphorus; photosynthetically active radiation; potassium

OMB Bureau Code

  • 005:18 - Agricultural Research Service

OMB Program Code

  • 005:040 - National Research

ARS National Program Number

  • 211

Primary article PubAg Handle

Pending citation

  • No

Public Access Level

  • Public

Preferred dataset citation

Sadler, John; Steiner, Jean; James, David; Vandenberg, Bruce; Wilson, Greg; Obrecht, Josh; Oster, Teri; Ross, John D.; Chen, Jin-Song; Cole, Kevin; Hatfield, Jerry; Anderson, Dave (2015). STEWARDS - A data delivery application for the USDA/ARS Conservation Effects Assessment Project. Agricultural Research Service.