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Ring Nematode Induction of and Sensitivity to Grapevine Phenolic Compounds

posted on 2023-11-30, 10:56 authored by Christopher WallisChristopher Wallis

[NOTE - 5/31/2022: this dataset was updated to include two additional resources: Ring Nematode Phenolic Project Materials and Methods and Ring nematode phenolic induction and sensitivity data summaries. No other changes to the data were made.]

This dataset includes data collected from two experiments, one in 2018 and one in 2019, that examined the potential induction of phenolic compounds in the roots of grapevines fed upon by ring nematodes, Mesocriconema xenoplax. Furthermore, a bioassay on 96-well plates was performed to examine the ability of a subclass of phenolics in grapevines (i.e. stilbenoids available as monomers, dimers, trimers, or tetramers) to affect ring nematode mortality. There appeared no significant effects of ring nematode feeding on phenolic levels, nor did these compounds affect survival in the in vitro tests.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Ring Nematode Grapevine Phenolic Induction and Sensitivity.

    File Name: Ring Nematode- Phenolic Study.xlsx

    Resource Description: This dataset includes two tabs. One tab involves data regarding phenolic compounds in grapevine roots that were healthy or infected by ring nematodes, in one of four different rootstock cultivars (two considered resistant and two considered susceptible). The other tab involves an in vitro study whereby ring nematodes were exposed to different phenolic compounds and mortality was assessed after 24 hours.

  • Resource Title: Ring Nematode Phenolic Project Materials and Methods.

    File Name: Ring Nematode Phenolic Project Materials and Methods.docx

    Resource Description: This files contains a comprehensive Materials and Methods write-up to describe how the data were obtained for the project entitled "Ring nematode induction of and sensitivity to grapevine phenolic compounds", which is the dataset that this is filed under.

  • Resource Title: Ring nematode phenolic induction and sensitivity data summaries.

    File Name: Ring nematode phenolic induction and sensitivity data summaries.docx

    Resource Description: This Word document provides two figures that summarize the data of the project entitled "Ring Nematode Induction of and Sensitivity to Grapevine Phenolic Compounds." The first Figure summarizes the data that involves phenolic compound analyses from healthy and infected roots. The second Figure summarizes the data from the study that examined mortality effects of stilbenoids on ring nematodes.


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This dataset is intended to expand knowledge regarding grapevine host responses to ring nematode feeding, and the roles phenolic compounds might play in host defense and overall plant health. These data could be useful in future meta-analyses, to compare responses in grapevine between different stresses (both biological and abiotic), and to compare how ring nematodes might affect different plant hosts.

Use limitations

These data were limited to host responses in grapevine, and a limited subset of phenolic compounds. Many different grapevine rootstocks exist with different backgrounds containing various Vitis spp., this dataset only involved ring nematode feeding responses in only four different rootstock cultivars. Other compounds may be more important in host-nematode interactions but were not examined in this dataset. Ring nematodes also are very difficult to use in controlled experiments, and populations might have be insufficient overall to cause host inductions, or resulted in too great variability to reach firm conclusions. Lastly, only four phenolic compounds were utilized in the in vitro survival assays, when grapevines produce dozens more individual phenolic compounds.

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ring nematodes; Vitis; data collection; roots; Mesocriconema xenoplax; bioassays; stilbenoids; mortality; in vitro studies; plant health; meta-analysis; host plants; rootstocks; cultivars; California; Biological Sciences; viticulture; Plant Science and Plant Products; Physical and Chemical Sciences; phenolic compounds

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Wallis, Christopher M. (2022). Ring Nematode Induction of and Sensitivity to Grapevine Phenolic Compounds. Ag Data Commons.

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