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Raw Light-Level Geolocator Data from Golden-Winged Warblers Breeding at Three Sites in North America

posted on 2024-02-13, 13:07 authored by Gunnar R. Kramer, Henry M. Streby, Sean M. Peterson, Justin A. Lehman, David A. Buehler, Petra B. Wood, Darin J. McNeil, Jeffrey L. Larkin, David E. Andersen

21 raw light-level data files (.lig) from geolocators (Biotrak, Wareham, UK; model ML6240, 2-min light-sampling regime) deployed on 20 individual Golden-winged Warblers from three breeding locations in North America. These data were collected to provide information on the migration routes and timing, and nonbreeding locations of individuals from these populations to inform conservation and management strategies. These data are being released following the publication of these findings.

The .lig files are comma separated time stamped ASCII data files where each time-stamped record is on a separate line. The header line of each file contains a three-variable string. Its meaning is unclear. The header lines are removed before data analysis. The .lig files can be opened by any text editors. The original data analysis is read into R using a package called "BAStag". The descriptions (e.g. CM05) next to the files represent the individual Golden-winged Warbler from which the data are collected.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: 21 raw light-level data files.

    File Name: Web Page, url:

    Original record page with 21 raw light-level data files and a readme file.

    Contents as follows:

    File View/Open Description Size Format

    • GCM052014.lig CM05 9.434Mb /
    • GCM062014.lig CM06 9.352Mb /
    • GCM092014.lig CM09 9.349Mb /
    • GCM102014.lig CM10 9.212Mb /
    • GCM132014.lig CM13 9.373Mb /
    • GCM162014.lig CM16 9.300Mb /
    • GCM212015.lig CM21 9.425Mb /
    • GDF052015.lig DF05 9.679Mb /
    • GDF112015.lig DF11 9.675Mb /
    • GRL032014.lig RL03 9.510Mb /
    • GRL052014.lig RL05 9.432Mb /
    • GRL062014.lig RL06 9.499Mb /
    • GRL112014.lig RL11 9.531Mb /
    • GRL122014.lig RL12 9.429Mb /
    • GRL142014.lig RL14 7.318Mb /
    • GRL152014.lig RL15 6.491Mb /
    • GRL162014.lig RL16 9.452Mb /
    • GRL202014_noclockadj.lig RL20 9.553Mb /
    • GRL252015_noclockadj.lig RL25 9.736Mb /
    • GRL292015_noclockadj.lig RL29 9.680Mb /
    • GRL362015_noclockadj.lig RL36 9.686Mb /
    • ReadMe.txt Description of data 12.19Kb Text file


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Geological Survey

National Science Foundation: 1202729



Data contact name

Kramer, Gunnar R.

Data contact email


University of Minnesota

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  • Not specified

Geographic location - description

Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, Tennessee, USA; Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Minnesota, USA; Delaware Forest, Pennsylvania, USA

ISO Topic Category

  • biota

National Agricultural Library Thesaurus terms

Vermivora chrysoptera; breeding; North America; wood; statistics; wildlife management; Tennessee; United States; lakes; conservation areas; Minnesota; Delaware; forests; Pennsylvania; data collection; United Kingdom; models; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; surveys; fish; wildlife; National Science Foundation; Natural Resources Conservation Service; migratory behavior; ecology; radio transmitters; songbirds

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  • Public

Preferred dataset citation

Kramer, Gunnar R; Streby, Henry M; Peterson, Sean M; Lehman, Justin A; Buehler, David A; Wood, Petra B; McNeil, Darin J; Larkin, Jeffrey L; Andersen, David E. (2016). Raw Light-Level Geolocator Data from Golden-Winged Warblers Breeding at Three Sites in North America. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota,

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