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Plant Expression Database

posted on 2024-02-09, 18:00 authored by Sudhansu S. Dash, John Van Hemert, Lu Hong, Roger P. Wise, Julie A. Dickerson

[NOTE: PLEXdb is no longer available online. Oct 2019.]

PLEXdb (Plant Expression Database) is a unified gene expression resource for plants and plant pathogens. PLEXdb is a genotype to phenotype, hypothesis building information warehouse, leveraging highly parallel expression data with seamless portals to related genetic, physical, and pathway data.

PLEXdb (, in partnership with community databases, supports comparisons of gene expression across multiple plant and pathogen species, promoting individuals and/or consortia to upload genome-scale data sets to contrast them to previously archived data. These analyses facilitate the interpretation of structure, function and regulation of genes in economically important plants. A list of Gene Atlas experiments highlights data sets that give responses across different developmental stages, conditions and tissues. Tools at PLEXdb allow users to perform complex analyses quickly and easily. The Model Genome Interrogator (MGI) tool supports mapping gene lists onto corresponding genes from model plant organisms, including rice and Arabidopsis. MGI predicts homologies, displays gene structures and supporting information for annotated genes and full-length cDNAs. The gene list-processing wizard guides users through PLEXdb functions for creating, analyzing, annotating and managing gene lists. Users can upload their own lists or create them from the output of PLEXdb tools, and then apply diverse higher level analyses, such as ANOVA and clustering. PLEXdb also provides methods for users to track how gene expression changes across many different experiments using the Gene OscilloScope. This tool can identify interesting expression patterns, such as up-regulation under diverse conditions or checking any gene’s suitability as a steady-state control.

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    [NOTE: PLEXdb is no longer available online. Oct 2019.] Project description for the Plant Expression Database (PLEXdb) and integrated tools.



National Science Foundation: 0543441


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databases; gene expression; plant pathogens; genotype; phenotype; data collection; genes; developmental stages; tissues; models; rice; Arabidopsis; complementary DNA; analysis of variance; genetic databases

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Dash, Sudhansu S.; Van Hemert, John; Hong, Lu; Wise, Roger P.; Dickerson, Julie A. (2017). Plant Expression Database. PLEXdb.