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Onthophagus taurus Genome Annotations v0.5.3

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posted on 2023-12-18, 17:14 authored by Eduardo Zattara, Daniel S.T. Hughes, Stephen Richards, Teiya Kijimoto, Armin Moczek

The Baylor College of Medicine recently sequenced and annotated the Onthophagus taurus genome as part of the i5k pilot project.

This dataset presents the Onthophagus taurus gene set BCM_v_0.5.3, which was generated computationally. RNA-Seq data was used with additional protein homology data for a MAKER automated annotation of the Onthophagus taurus genome assembly 1.0. Further annotation method details will be available in a forthcoming publication.

The dung beetle genus Onthophagus comprises with over 2,400 extant species the most speciose genus within the animal kingdom. O. taurus itself is the most studied dung beetle and a focal taxon for studies in evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, behavioral ecology, evo-devo and developmental genetics.

Like many species within the genus it features extreme secondary sexual traits (horns) and extreme sexual dimorphism (cued by sex-specific development). At the same time this species possesses an equally remarkable (and representative) male dimorphism (cued entirely by larval nutrition) in which large males express huge horns which they use as weapons in male combat, whereas small males remain hornless, non-aggressive, and instead invest into enlarged testes and ejaculates.

Onthophagus beetles are emerging as a model system in evodevo and ecodevo, in particular with respect to the evolutionary developmental genetics of plasticity, pattern formation, trait integration, and growth regulation. Extensive transcriptomic data already exist for this as well as other species, alongside a growing number of functional studies using larval RNAi-mediated transcript depletion, which works easily and routinely across diverse species within the genus.

NOTE: This gene set is an unstable pre-release (v0.5.3), and was provided to facilitate manual curation and analyses before the official gene set is released. Gene identifiers from this gene set will likely not be maintained.

If you wish to use this dataset, please follow the Baylor College of Medicine's conditions for data use:

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Onthophagus taurus genome annotations v0.5.3 for genome assembly Onthophagus taurus v1.0.

    File Name: onttau_BCM_version_0.5.3.tar.gz

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    The attached tar.gz archive (onttau_BCM_version_0.5.3.tar.gz) contains the following files:

    OTAU.CDS.fna. CDS sequences of Onthophagus taurus genome annotations v0.5.3.

    OTAU.faa. Amino acid sequences of Onthophagus taurus genome annotations v0.5.3.

    OTAU.fna. cDNA sequences of Onthophagus taurus genome annotations v0.5.3.

    OTAU.Models.gff3. Gff3 of all gene predictions of Onthophagus taurus genome annotations v0.5.3.

    OTAU.Analysis.gff3. Gff3 of all evidence contributing to Onthophagus taurus genome annotations v0.5.3.


National Science Foundation: IOS 1256689

National Science Foundation: IOS 1120209


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Zattara, Eduardo; Hughes, Daniel S.T.; Richards, Stephen; Kijimoto, Teiya; Moczek, Armin (2016). Onthophagus taurus Genome Annotations v0.5.3. Ag Data Commons.

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