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National USFS Fire Perimeter (Feature Layer)

posted on 2024-06-05, 12:46 authored by U.S. Forest Service
The FirePerimeter polygon layer represents daily and final mapped wildland fire perimeters. Incidents of 10 acres or greater in size are expected. Incidents smaller than 10 acres in size may also be included. Data are maintained at the Forest/District level, or their equivalent, to track the area affected by wildland fire. Records in FirePerimeter include perimeters for wildland fires that have corresponding records in FIRESTAT, which is the authoritative data source for all wildland fire reports. FIRESTAT, the Fire Statistics System computer application, required by the USFS for all wildland fire occurrences on National Forest System Lands or National Forest-protected lands, is used to enter and maintain information from the Individual Fire Report (FS-5100-29).

    National USFS fire occurrence final fire perimeters where wildland fires have historically occurred on National Forest System Lands and/or where protection is the responsibility of the US Forest Service. Knowing where wildland fire events have happened in the past is critical to land management efforts in the future.
    This data is utilized by fire & aviation staffs, land managers, land planners, and resource specialists on and around National Forest System Lands.
*This data has been updated to match 2021 National GIS Data Dictionary Standards.

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