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NAIP Digital Ortho Photo Image Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: remote-sensing image

posted on 2023-11-30, 08:39 authored by Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO)

This data set contains imagery from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP). NAIP acquires digital ortho imagery during the agricultural growing seasons in the continental U.S. A primary goal of the NAIP program is to enable availability of of ortho imagery within one year of acquisition. NAIP provides four main products: 1 meter ground sample distance (GSD) ortho imagery rectified to a horizontal accuracy of within +/- 5 meters of reference digital ortho quarter quads (DOQQ's) from the National Digital Ortho Program (NDOP); 2 meter GSD ortho imagery rectified to within +/- 10 meters of reference DOQQs; 1 meter GSD ortho imagery rectified to within +/- 6 meters to true ground; and, 2 meter GSD ortho imagery rectified to within +/- 10 meters to true ground. The tiling format of NAIP imagery is based on a 3.75' x 3.75' quarter quadrangle with a 300 meter buffer on all four sides. NAIP quarter quads are formatted to the UTM coordinate system using NAD83. NAIP imagery may contain as much as 10% cloud cover per tile.

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Farm Service Agency


Data contact name

Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO)

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West Virginia GIS Tech Center

Intended use

NAIP imagery is available for distribution within 60 days of the end of a flying season and is intended to provide current information of agricultural conditions in support of USDA farm programs. For USDA Farm Service Agency, the 1 meter GSD product provides an ortho image base for Common Land Unit boundaries and other data sets. The 1 meter NAIP imagery is generally acquired in projects covering full states in cooperation with state government and other federal agencies who use the imagery for a variety of purposes including land use planning and natural resource assessment. With an annual cycle, NAIP is also used for disaster response often providing the most current pre-event imagery. While suitable for a variety of uses the 2 meter GSD NAIP imagery is primarily intended to assess crop condition and compliance to USDA farm program conditions. The 2 meter imagery is generally acquired only for agricultural areas within state projects.

Use limitations

Users should be aware that this is an interim release. The interim compressed county mosaic may contain defects and have horizontal accuracy less than the specified tolerances. Imagery may be replaced to address defects found in a small number of products through quality assurance processes. Imagery containing defects that require the acquisition of new imagery, such as excessive cloud cover, specular reflectance, etc. will not be replaced within a NAIP project year.

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ISO Topic Category

  • environment
  • farming

National Agricultural Library Thesaurus terms

growing season; cloud cover; flight; farm programs; Farm Service Agency; common land unit; state government; land use planning; compliance; agricultural land; governmental programs and projects

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Preferred dataset citation

Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) (2021). NAIP Digital Ortho Photo Image Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: remote-sensing image. West Virginia GIS Tech Center.