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Microarray analysis of differential utilization of plant based diets by rainbow trout

posted on 2024-06-11, 05:10 authored by USDA-ARS
Background: The decreasing availability of fishmeal as a protein source in aquaculture diets will require aquaculture to develop an econmoical and sustainable protien replacement. Plant proteins are readily available and are being tested as a promising alternative to replace a substantial portion of fishmeal which currently provides most of the protein content in aquaculture diets. The types of plant protein feasible for incorporation into aquaculture diets will likely contain various anti-nutritional compounds, carbohydrates, fiber, and a different amino acid profile than what is found in fishmeal. Substantial genetic variation was previously observed for growth on plant based dits in rainbow trout Hence, it will be beneficial to identify metabolic and physiologic pathways related to enhanced plant protein utilization which will aid in identifying genes that contribute to this genetic variation. Results: Microarray analysis of liver samples from two families of rainbow trout that differed in their growth responses when compared between individuals grown on a fish meal or plant protein based diet. Differential expression relating to dietary utilization between the two families found significant changes in expression of 33 ESTs. Eight of the differntially expressed ESTs had identified mammalian homologs that had been previously researched with identified cellular interactions and functions. Conclusions: Utilizing pathway analysis software to analyze sequences annotated with known mammalian genes were were ablet o map gene pathway and process interactions. From this information we were able to infer that the metabolic changes associated with utilization of plant protein versus fishmeal were associated with differential reaulation of genes related to cell oxidative stress, proliferation, growth, and survival. Furthermore, we inferred from the changes we observed in immune response genes expression that ingestion of this plant based diet upregulated the expression of genes involved in immunoregulatroy processes. Overall design: Genotyped samples linked to families that had 4 or more members sampled on each diet were identified and ranked according to average family weight on each diet. Size rankings corresponded to large (>750 g), medium (600-640 g), and small (


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