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LTAR Upper Mississippi River Basin - Morris - Swan Lake Research Farm Phenocam

posted on 2023-11-30, 08:40 authored by Jane Johnson, Sharon Weyers

The PhenoCam network is collecting color and near infrared images year-round using cameras in fixed positions on agricultural lands including a site located on the Swan Lake Research Farm. The network effort was initiated in 2015 at this long-term, plot-scale research site. The camera at the research farm on focused a plot-scale, replicated research study that was established in 1997 to assess the long-term impacts of various tillage management options on soil organic carbon. Initially the study included eight tillage treatments: no-tillage, moldboard + disk tillage, chisel tillage, and fall and spring residue management, with or without strip-tillage and strip-tillage + sub-soiling. In 2004, the number of treatments were reduced to no-tillage, moldboard tillage, and fall and spring residue management without strip-tillage. All tillage treatments also had an early or late planting date. In 2008, the strip-tillage plots were modified to explore alternative strategies for supporting cellulosic bioenergy feedstock production, including planting of cellulosic feedstock. The modification included adding perennials grasses into an extended 6-year rotation, winter cereal rye cover crops in a corn-soybean rotation, and an alternative Sorghum-Sudan grass hybrid forage system. Detailed soil and crop properties data have been collected from this site. This site is designated to be continued as part of the LTAR "common experiment" comparing agricultural and environmental results from "business as usual" and "aspirational best practices.

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Agricultural Research Service

National Science Foundation, EF-1065029


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Johnson, Jane

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The University of New Hampshire

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The primary purpose is to analyze the green and near infrared components of the images to assess vegetation health. Images are collected over long-term research plots. These plots will provide a plot-scale cover-crop component to complement the field-scale, on-farm LTAR site established in 2017.


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  • Upper Mississippi River Basin
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cameras; agricultural land; color; instrumentation; vegetation; no-tillage; discing; chiseling; autumn; spring; strip tillage; subsoiling; planting date; biomass production; production technology; bioenergy; feedstocks; perennials; winter; rye; cover crops; Sorghum bicolor subsp. drummondii; hybrids; forage; soil properties

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Johnson, Jane; Weyers, Sharon (2021). LTAR Upper Mississippi River Basin - Morris - Swan Lake Research Farm Phenocam. The University of New Hampshire.