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Knutson-Vandenberg (Feature Layer)

posted on 2024-06-05, 12:53 authored by U.S. Forest Service
Note: This is a large dataset. To download, go to ArcGIS Open Data Set and click the download button, and under additional resources select the shapefile or geodatabase option. The Knutson-Vandenberg Act (K-V) of June 9, 1930 (16 U.S.C. 576-576b; 46 Stat. 527), as amended by the National Forest Management Act of October 22, 1976 (16 U.S.C. 1600 et seq.) authorized collection of deposits from federal timber purchasers for prompt and efficient use of funds to reestablish, protect, and improve the production of renewable resources on timber sale areas. This includes performing soil improvement and watershed restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, control of insects, disease, and noxious weeds, tree planting, seeding and other cultural treatments necessary to maintain and improve land productivity. Since its creation millions of acres of National Forest System lands (NFS) have been treated and restored to resilient conditions and terrestrial and aquatic habitat improved. Public Law 109-54 of August 2, 2005, Title IV General Provisions, Sec 412 further amended the K-V Act to allow the collection and use of CWKV funds for watershed restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, to prepare timber sales, control of insects, disease, and noxious weeds, fire community protection activities, and the maintenance of forest roads within the Forest Service region in which the timber sale occurred. Provided that such activities may be performed through the use of contracts, forest product sales, and cooperative agreements. Note that these activities are to be performed by contract and not Forest Service personnel. The Forest Service used this amendment to administratively create two K-V programs within the K-V fund; CWKV (Cooperative Work, Knutson-Vandenberg, Sale Area Projects) and CWK2 (Cooperative Work, Knutson-Vandenberg, Regional Projects). This layer shows the spatial representation where activities accomplished and funded with CWKV and CWK2 funds and reported through the Forest Service Activity Tracking System (FACTS) database. It is important to note that this layer may not contain all CWKV or CWK2 accomplished activities; the spatial portion of the activity description is not currently enforced by FACTS and at this time some are optionally reported by Forest Service units. As spatial data reporting is enforced by the application and acceptant of reporting both tabular and spatial we hope to improve the quality and comprehensiveness of the data used for this layer in coming years. Metadata

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