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Hyalella azteca Official Gene Set v1.0

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posted on 2024-02-16, 15:31 authored by Helen Poynton, Peter Bain, Joshua B. Benoit, Peter Boucher, Mei-Ju May Chen, Shuai Chen, Andrew E. Christie, Joseph Connolly, Andrew Cridge, Amaia Etxabe, Amanda Glazier, Simone Hasenbein, Daniel S.T. Hughes, Emily C. Jennings, Jeffery W. Jones, Patrick Kearns, Faith Lambert, Yu-Yu Lin, Charles Major, Austin Manny, Nick Mathers, Alexandra Mechler-Hickson, Monica Munoz-Torres, Monica Poelchau, Hugh M. Robertson, Jack Scanlan, Elise M. Szuter, Jack Werren, Shelly Ann Wood, Kristin Winchell, Stephen Richards

The Hyalella azteca genome was recently sequenced and annotated as part of the i5k pilot project by the Baylor College of Medicine. The Hyalella azteca research community has manually reviewed and curated the computational gene predictions and generated an official gene set, OGSv1.0. The OGS is an integration of automatic gene predictions from Maker with manual annotations by the research community (via the Apollo manual annotation software).

If you wish to use this dataset, please follow the Baylor College of Medicine's conditions for data use:

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Hyalella azteca Official Gene Set OGSv1.0.

    File Name: hyaazt_OGS_v1-0.tar.gz

    Resource Description:

    The attached tar.gz archive (hyaazt_OGS_v1-0.tar.gz) contains the following files:

    hyaazt_OGSv1.0_cds.fa. CDS sequences of Hyalella azteca genome annotations OGSv1.0.

    hyaazt_OGSv1.0_pep.fa. Amino acid sequences of Hyalella azteca genome annotations OGSv1.0.

    hyaazt_OGSv1.0_trans.fa. cDNA sequences of Hyalella azteca genome annotations OGSv1.0.

    hyaazt_OGSv1.0.gff. Gff3 of all gene predictions of Hyalella azteca genome annotations OGSv1.0

    hyaazt_Manual2OGSv1.0_id_mapping.txt. A mapping file describing ID and name updates from dataset Hyalella azteca genome annotations v0.5.3.

    readme.txt. This file briefly describes how the dataset Hyalella azteca Official Gene Set OGSv1.0 was generated.


National Human Genome Research Institute: U54 HG003273

National Science Foundation: CBET-1437409


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Poynton, Helen

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Poynton, Helen; Bain, Peter; Benoit, Joshua B.; Boucher, Peter; Chen, Mei-Ju May; Chen, Shuai; Christie, Andrew E.; Connolly, Joseph; Cridge, Andrew; Etxabe, Amaia; Glazier, Amanda; Hasenbein, Simone; Hughes, Daniel S.T.; Jennings, Emily C.; Jones, Jeffery W.; Kearns, Patrick; Lambert, Faith; Lin, Yu-Yu; Major, Charles; Manny, Austin; Mathers, Nick; Mechler-Hickson, Alexandra; Munoz-Torres, Monica; Poelchau, Monica; Robertson, Hugh M.; Scanlan, Jack; Szuter, Elise M.; Werren, Jack; Wood, Shelly Ann; Winchell, Kristin; Richards, Stephen (2018). Hyalella azteca Official Gene Set v1.0. .

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