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posted on 2024-02-09, 17:59 authored by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Oregon State University, The European Bioinformatics Institute

Gramene is a curated, open-source, integrated data resource for comparative functional genomics in crops and model plant species.

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  • Resource Title: The Gramene Database website.

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    Gramene is a curated, open-source, integrated data resource for comparative functional genomics in crops and model plant species. The Gramene database is freely available for download and use as long as Gramene is cited as the source (see This includes the tools available at Gramene including but not limited to RiceCyc, CMap Viewer, Gramene Mart and the Genome Browser. When using Gramene or the information derived from Gramene databases, kindly acknowledge the Gramene project by citing the web address ( and identifying the version of Gramene being used (identified on the Home page) and the date accessed.


USDA-ARS: 1907-21000-030

USDA: 00-52100-9622

National Science Foundation: 0321685

National Science Foundation: 0851652

National Science Foundation: 0703908

National Science Foundation: 1127112


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Tello-Ruiz, Marcela

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genomics; crops; models; genes; genome assembly; Oryza sativa; DNA; nucleotide sequences; chromosomes; complementary DNA; amino acid sequences; non-coding RNA; prediction; genetic databases; trees; proteins; phylogeny

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  • 005:18 - Agricultural Research Service

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  • 005:040 - National Research

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  • 301

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Oregon State University; The European Bioinformatics Institute (2017). Gramene. Gramene.

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