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Genes of viral origin in the Microplitis demolitor genome

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posted on 2024-02-15, 17:15 authored by Gaelen BurkeGaelen Burke

Microplitis demolitor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) is a parasitoid used as a biological control agent to control larval-stage Lepidoptera and serves as a model for studying the function and evolution of symbiotic viruses in the genus Bracovirus. Using RNA-Seq data for this species and manual annotation of genes of viral origin, we annotated a high-quality gene set including 171 virus-derived protein-coding genes.

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University of Georgia

USDA-NIFA: 1013423

National Institutes of Health: F32 AI096552

National Science Foundation: IOS-12611328

USDA-NIFA: 2009-35302-05250

USDA-NIFA: 2007-35604-17756

USDA-NIFA: 2011-67009-30134


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Burke, Gaelen

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Microplitis demolitor; parasitoids; biological control agents; Lepidoptera; models; evolution; viruses; Bracovirus; sequence analysis; genes; animals; hosts; parasitic wasps; braconidae; wasps; parasitism; Nudiviridae; virion; DNA; loci; proteins; transcription (genetics); DNA-directed RNA polymerase; structural genes; mutualism

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Burke, Gaelen R. (2018). Genes of viral origin in the Microplitis demolitor genome. Ag Data Commons.