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Genes of viral origin in the Fopius arisanus genome

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posted on 2024-02-08, 22:53 authored by Gaelen BurkeGaelen Burke

Fopius arisanus (Sonan) is a braconid wasp (subfamily Opiinae) and biological control agent of a broad range of tephritid fruit fly species, including the global pests Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata and the Oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis. In an effort to create foundational genomic resources for this species, the complete genome and transcriptomes for several wasp life stages have been recently generated. Manual annotation of 55 viral genes and phylogenetic analysis revealed that F. arisanus has independently acquired a symbiotic virus related to alpha-nudiviruses.

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  • Resource Title: FARI_manual_annotations_1-19-2018_gburke.

    File Name: FARI_manual_annotations_1-19-2018_gburke.tar.gz

    Resource Description: This set of data contains three fasta files (coding sequences, peptide sequences, and transcript sequences) from genes of viral origin annotated in the F. arisanus genome. A single gff3 file contains the annotations in tab delimited format.


University of Georgia

USDA-ARS: 2040-22430-026-00-D


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Burke, Gaelen

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Fopius arisanus; biological control agents; Tephritidae; fruit flies; pests; Ceratitis capitata; Bactrocera dorsalis; transcriptome; wasps; genes; phylogeny; viruses

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Burke, Gaelen R. (2018). Genes of viral origin in the Fopius arisanus genome. Ag Data Commons.

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