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GRACEnet (Greenhouse gas Reduction through Agricultural Carbon Enhancement network)

posted on 2024-02-08, 18:40 authored by USDA Agricultural Research Service

GRACEnet (Greenhouse gas Reduction through Agricultural Carbon Enhancement network) is a research program initiated in the early 2000s . Goals are to better quantify greenhouse gas GHG emissions from cropped and grazed soils under current management practices and to identify and further develop improved management practices that will enhance carbon (C) sequestration in soils, decrease GHG emissions, promote sustainability and provide a sound scientific basis for carbon credits and GHG trading programs. This program generates information that is needed by agro-ecosystem modelers, producers, program managers and policy makers. Coordinated multi-location field studies follow standardized protocols to compare net GHG emissions (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane), C sequestration, crop/forge yields, and broad environmental benefits under different management systems that:

  1. Typify existing production practices
  2. Maximize C sequestration
  3. Minimize net GHG emissions
  4. Meet sustainable production and broad environmental benefit goals (including C sequestration, net GHG emissions, water, air and soil quality, etc.)

    Resources in this dataset:

    • Resource Title: GRACEnet Brochure 2016.

      File Name: GRACENET brochure REVISED June 2017.pdf

    • Resource Title: Data Entry Template 2017.

      File Name:

      Resource Description: Includes Excel templates for Experiment description worksheets, Site characterization worksheets, Management worksheets, Measurement worksheets where experimental unit data are reported, and Information that may be useful to the user, including drop down lists of treatment specific information and ranges of expected values. General and introductory instructions, as well as a Data Validation check are also included.

    • Resource Title: GRACEnet Brochure 2017.

      File Name: GRACENET brochure REVISED July 2017 final.pdf

    • Resource Title: GRACEnet-NUOnet Data Dictionary.

      File Name: GRACEnet-NUOnet_DD.csv

    • Resource Title: GRACEnet Data Search.

      File Name:

      Resource Description: The attached file contains data from all sites as of February 9, 2022. For an interactive and up to date version of data visit




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