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FACETS enterprise crop budgets for NE Florida and SW Georgia

posted on 2024-02-13, 16:46 authored by Unmesh Koirala, Damian Adams, Amanda Smith, Kevin Athearn, Kay R. Kastner-Wilcox, Guy Hancock, Levi Russell, Dennis Hancock

Note: Pasture and hay budgets added on 2023/02/09

Enterprise budgets contained in this database were developed as part of the Floridian Aquifer Collaborative Engagement for Sustainability (FACETS), a large-scale, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary project funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The goal of this project is to promote the economic sustainability of agriculture and silviculture in North Florida and South Georgia while protecting water quantity, quality, and habitat in the Upper Floridan Aquifer and the springs and rivers it feeds.

As part of the larger FACETS project, budgets were developed for various cropping and forest systems in North Florida and South Georgia. This dataset includes budgets developed for pine plantations, corn and peanut crops, and hay and pasture production in the Lower Suwannee River Basin, Florida.

Preliminary budgets were created based on information obtained from semi-structured interviews with producers, suppliers, local businesses, and area extension professionals. Following the construction of the preliminary budget, the project team conducted a review, along with a project advisory committee of stakeholders from agricultural, environmental, regulatory, and scientific partner organizations to confirm and/or adjust any data reported. Any specific information that was derived outside of, or in addition to, the process noted above is shown in summary on the second worksheet in this workbook, titled "Meta Data."

Upon finalization of the preliminary budget, enterprise-level models were developed to predict the impacts of Best Management Practice (BMP) adoption on the financial viability of enterprises under various alternative scenarios (Management Systems). The budgets for these Management Systems represent adjustments to management practices. Summary descriptions of each of these management systems are located on the worksheet titled "Management System Descriptions."

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USDA-NIFA: 2017-68007-26319


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Enterprise-level economic modeling was used to predict net returns under simulated systems and strategies. Predicted net returns were then used along with predictions of irrigation water use and nutrient leaching to evaluate farm-scale economic-environmental tradeoffs across cropping systems, BMPs, and soil and climatic conditions.

Use limitations

FACETS enterprise crop budgets are representative of typical production practices in the project’s study region (Lower Suwannee River Basin Area in FL and Lower Flint River Basin Area in GA). Hence, they might not represent production practices on areas outside of the study region. Also, these budgets do not represent production practices of a particular farm nor represent the best way to produce crop or the one that generates the highest net returns

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Florida; Georgia; aquifers; economic sustainability; silviculture; corn; peanuts; interviews; extension agents; stakeholders; models; best management practices; management systems

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Koirala, Unmesh; Adams, Damian; Smith, Amanda; Athearn, Kevin; Kastner-Wilcox, Kay R.; Hancock, Guy; Russell, Levi; Hancock, Dennis (2022). FACETS enterprise crop budgets for NE Florida and SW Georgia. Ag Data Commons.