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Drosophila ficusphila genome assembly Dfic02082011

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posted on 2024-02-16, 20:28 authored by Stephen Richards, Jiaxin Qu, Huaiyang Jiang, Matthew N. Batterton, Kerstin P. Blankenburg, Sai Gubbala, Yi Han, Joy C. Jayaseelan, Divya Kalra, Christie L. Kovar, Sandra L. Lee, Mingmei Li, Tittu Mathew, Mala Munidasa, Fiona Ongeri, Lora Perales, Ling-Ling Pu, Nehad Saada, Rebecca L. Thornton, Crystal B. Warner, Yuan-Qing Wu, Xiaoyan Zou, Steven E. Scherer, Kim C. Worley, Donna M. Muzny, Richard A. Gibbs

This research on Drosophila ficusphila genomics is part of the Drosophila modENCODE project. The Baylor College of Medicine is studying the comparative genomics of eight species of Drosophila, including biarmipes, bipectinata, elegans, eugracillis, ficusphila, kikkawai, rhopaloa, and takahashii. The genome assembly presented here is the pre-submission version of Dfic_2.0, which is archived at the National Center for Biotechnology as GCA_000220665.2.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Drosophila ficusphila genome assembly Dfic02082011 fasta, agp and qual files .

    File Name: BCM_Dfic02082011.tar.gz

    Resource Description: The attached tar.gz archive (BCM_Dfic02082011.tar.gz) contains the following files: Dfic02082011-contigs.fa. This file contains the sequence information of the contigs of the Drosophila ficusphila Dfic02082011 genome assembly. Dfic02082011-genome.fa. This file contains the sequence information of the scaffolds of the Drosophila ficusphila Dfic02082011 genome assembly. Dfic02082011-genome.agp. This file contains information linking the contigs and scaffolds for the Drosophila ficusphila Dfic02082011 genome assembly. A description of the agp format is available here: Dfic02082011-genome.fa.qual. This file contains quality scores for the Drosophila ficusphila Dfic02082011 genome assembly.


National Institutes of Health: DK015600-18

National Institutes of Health: 1ROIGM082843

National Institutes of Health: U01HB004271


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Richards, Stephen; Qu, Jiaxin; Jiang, Huaiyang; Batterton, Matthew N.; Blankenburg, Kerstin P.; Gubbala, Sai; Han, Yi; Jayaseelan, Joy C.; Kalra, Divya; Kovar, Christie L.; Lee, Sandra L.; Li, Mingmei; Mathew, Tittu; Munidasa, Mala; Ongeri, Fiona; Perales, Lora; Pu, Ling-Ling; Saada, Nehad; Thornton, Rebecca L.; Warner, Crystal B.; Wu, Yuan-Qing; Zou, Xiaoyan; Scherer, Steven E.; Worley, Kim C.; Muzny, Donna M.; Gibbs, Richard A. (2021). Drosophila ficusphila genome assembly Dfic02082011. Ag Data Commons.

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