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Differential correlation of transcriptome data to treat Citrobacter rodentium infection with punicalagin

posted on 2024-06-11, 07:07 authored by USDA-ARS-APDL
This study is part of the work investigating bioactive fruit enzymes as sustainable alternatives to parasite anthelmintics that can help reverse the trend of lost efficacy. The study looked to define biological and molecular interactions that demonstrate the ability of the pomegranate extract, punicalagin, against intracellular parasites. The study compared transcriptomic reads of two distinct conditions. Condition-A was treated with punicalagin (PA) and challenged with Citrobacter rodentium, while condition-B (CM) consisted of a group that was challenged and given mock treatment of PBS. To understand the effect of punicalagin on transcriptomic changes between conditions, a differential correlation analysis was conducted. The analysis examined the regulatory connections of genes expressed between different treatment conditions by statistically querying the relationship between correlated gene-pairs and modules to differing conditions. Results indicated punicalagin treatment had strong positive correlations with the over-enriched gene ontology (GO) terms related to oxidoreductase activity and lipid metabolism. However, the GO terms for immune and cytokine responses were strongly correlated with no punicalagin treatment. The results matched previous studies that show punicalagin to have potent antioxidant and anti-parasitic effects when used to treat parasitic infections in mice and livestock. Over-all, the results indicated punicalagin enhanced the effect of tissue-resident genes


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