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Data from: Tephritid fruit fly gut bacterial population and community dynamics following adult emergence

posted on 2023-11-30, 12:15 authored by Charles MasonCharles Mason

Data include microbial count data (CFUs), 16S-rRNA copy number data (qPCR), and microbial community (microbiome) data from the guts of the invasive tephritid fruit flies, melon fly (Zeugodacus cucurbitae) and medfly (Ceratitis capitata).

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: R code for dada2 processing and stacked bar charts of control microbiomes File Name: Resource Description: Data showing performance of known controls (purchased from Zymo Research) using in-house DNA extraction and PCR methods for 16S-rRNA gene amplification and sequencing.

  • Resource Title: Data processing of 16S amplicon data File Name: 16S SSU rRNA Microbiome Data Processing and Resource Description: Raw data and accompanying R scripts for analysis of figure and generation of figures and tables. Data files include both amplicon sequence variant (ASV) count data matrix and accompanying ASV sequence files and taxonomies. Analysis and figure generation are made through independent R files.

  • Resource Title: Data and analysis of fly culturable titers File Name: CFU Resource Description: Colony forming units (CFUs) of fruit flies at different ages and the R code for figure generation and analysis.

  • Resource Title: qPCR of 16S rRNA of Tephritid fruit flies at different ages File Name: 16S qPCR Resource Description: Raw data and R code of 16S rRNA copy numbers associated with medfly and melon fly gut tissues.


Agricultural Research Service, 2040-22430-028-000-D


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Mason, Charles

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fruit flies; digestive system; microbial communities; microbiome; invasive species; Zeugodacus cucurbitae; Ceratitis capitata; gene amplification; ribosomal RNA; genes; metagenomics

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Mason, Charles J. (2023). Data from: Tephritid fruit fly gut bacterial population and community dynamics following adult emergence. Ag Data Commons.