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Data from: Quantifying Insect Dispersal Distances from Trapping Detections Data to Predict Delimiting Survey Radii, CDFA distances data

posted on 2024-02-16, 15:34 authored by California Department of Food and Agriculture

Trapping survey detections data for four insect species, with latitudes and longitudes and other spatial identifications removed per agreement with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

Species and survey data as follows: European grapevine moth (EGVM), Lobesia botrana, 2011-2013 Japanese beetle (JB), Popillia japonica, 2010-2019 Medfly, Ceratitis capitata, 2015-2019 Oriental fruit fly (OFF), Bactrocera dorsalis, 2015-2019

Data were used to quantify for each species the dispersal kernels, or total distances travelled, up to 30 days. "Collected CDFA distances data v1.csv" is the data with clustering for proximity in time and space. This data includes distance metrics calculated for each record, from the cluster centroid. It has separate tabs for the data for each species.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Data dictionary for the file Collected CDFA Distances Data v1.

    File Name: Data dictionary for Collected CDFA Distances Data v1.csv

  • Resource Title: Collected trapping survey data for four insect species from California.

    File Name: Collected CDFA distances data v1.xlsx

    Resource Description: Data include distance calculations from cluster centroids for quantifying the dispersal kernel for each species.





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Caton, Barney

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Data can be used to verify the results in the named manuscript, by recalculating the dispersal kernel and other summary information for the listed species.

Use limitations

Because this is trapping data for a natural insect population, as opposed to a mark-release-recapture experiment, travel times have been estimated (see manuscript for more details). This adds uncertainty to the metrics for "m/d" and "diffusion coefficient". Only records with estimated travel times less than 40 days were included in the analysis, because the distance predictions needed to be valid for a 30-day delimiting survey.

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State of California

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insects; trapping; surveys; Lobesia botrana; Popillia japonica; Ceratitis capitata; Bactrocera dorsalis; insect pests; California

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California Department of Food and Agriculture (2021). Data from: Quantifying Insect Dispersal Distances from Trapping Detections Data to Predict Delimiting Survey Radii, CDFA distances data. Ag Data Commons.

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