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Data from: Pre-inoculation water deficit effects on grapevine physiology, Xylella fastidiosa titers and Pierce's disease progression

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posted on 2023-12-18, 19:27 authored by Christopher M. Wallis, Zachary Gorman

Data are from three experimental trials examining pre-existing water stress on Xylella fastidiosa infections and possible associated shifts in host chemistry, including free sugar, amino acid, and phenolic compound measurements. Trials A and B were utilized in the manuscript, whereas Trial C was data from an experiment whereby the water stress treatment was not significant enough to affect plant physiology or bacterial progression (but included for completeness). Predawn water potentials and photosynthesis were provided for trial B to show methodology worked (and for trial C to show the failure to reach water stress).

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  • Resource Title: Pre-infection water stress effects on Xylella fastidiosa progression and grapevine chemistry.

    File Name: Preinfection Water Stress Effects on Xf Data.xlsx

    Resource Description: Data represent affects of water stress on Xylella titers and Pierce's disease progression, as well as changes in grapevine stem amino acid, sugar, or phenolic compounds. Data were from three trials. Two of these were deemed from successful experiments with water stress obtained (Trials A and B), but the last trial (Trial C) did not appear to have induced water stress, based on pre-dawn water potentials. Data were summarized in a manuscript submitted for publication.


USDA-ARS: 2034-22000-012-00D


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These data are intended to provide insight into how water stress affects the physiology of grapevines, and how this in turn might affect the development of Xylella fastidiosa infections and Pierce's disease symptom progression. These data could also be used in meta-analyses summarizing water stress effects on plants overall.

Use limitations

These data present three experiment trials, with only the first two deemed (Trials A and B) as successful in inducing water stress. Trial C data was provided just for completeness. Data only cover chemistry as assessed in greenhouse grapevines and only in stem tissues, and other responses may occur in larger plants or in different plant tissues.

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Vitis; Pierce's disease; disease progression; water stress; chemistry; sugars; amino acids; plant physiology; photosynthesis; Xylella fastidiosa subsp. fastidiosa; phenolic compounds

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