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Data from: Data on xylem sap proteins from Mn- and Fe-deficient tomato plants obtained using shotgun proteomics

posted on 2024-02-08, 21:55 authored by Laura Ceballos-Laita, Elain Gutierrez-Carbonell, Daisuke Takahashi, Anunciación Abadía, Matsuo Uemura, Javier Abadía, Ana Flor López-Millán

This article contains consolidated proteomic data obtained from xylem sap collected from tomato plants grown in Fe- and Mn-sufficient control, as well as Fe-deficient and Mn-deficient conditions. Data presented here cover proteins identified and quantified by shotgun proteomics and Progenesis LC-MS analyses: proteins identified with at least two peptides and showing changes statistically significant (ANOVA; p ≤ 0.05) and above a biologically relevant selected threshold (fold ≥ 2) between treatments are listed. The comparison between Fe-deficient, Mn-deficient and control xylem sap samples using a multivariate statistical data analysis (Principal Component Analysis, PCA) is also included. Data included in this article are discussed in depth in "Effects of Fe and Mn deficiencies on the protein profiles of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) xylem sap as revealed by shotgun analyses", Ceballos-Laita et al., J. Proteomics, 2018. This dataset is made available to support the cited study as well to extend analyses at a later stage.

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López-Millán, Ana Flor

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To provide data on the protein composition of this fluid and facilitating comparisons with other plant species and different plant stresses. Statistically significant and biologically relevant changes in the xylem sap protein composition upon Fe and Mn deficiencies provide information to assess the effects of these nutritional deficiencies on the metabolic pathways of tomato plants growing in controlled environmental conditions, and results could be compared to those found in other nutritional constraints. Data allow researchers to assess the companion paper, extend analyses at a later stage, and facilitate the study of target proteins in tomato xylem sap.

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iron; manganese; protein composition; tomatoes; Solanum lycopersicum; xylem; sap; nutrient deficiencies; proteomics; proteome; plant response; proteins; biochemical pathways; protein metabolism; oxidoreductases; cell walls; stress response; proteolysis; peroxidase; arabinogalactan proteins; pectins; esterases; signal transduction; lipids; phosphorylation; glycosylation; liquid chromatography; mass spectrometry; peptides; analysis of variance; principal component analysis; data collection; plant stress; environmental factors; sequence analysis

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Ceballos-Laita, L., Gutierrez-Carbonell, E., Takahashi, D., Abadía, A., Uemura, M., Abadía, J., & López-Millán, A. F. (2018). Data on xylem sap proteins from Mn- and Fe-deficient tomato plants obtained using shotgun proteomics. Data in Brief. https://10.1016/j.dib.2018.01.034.

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