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Cimex Lectularius Official Gene Set v1.2

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posted on 2024-02-08, 19:20 authored by Joshua B. Benoit, Amanda Dolan, Ameya D. Gondhalekar, Antonin Crumière, Andrew J. Rosendale, Abderrahman Khila, Benjamin A. Hottel, Brittany Peterson, Christopher Childers, Christian Derst, Chien-Yueh Lee, Coby Schal, Corinna Schorn, Christian Wegener, Chaoyang Zhao, David Armisén, David R. Nelson, Daniel S.T. Hughes, Elizabeth J. Duncan, Elise M. Szuter, Frank Maiwald, Geoffrey M. Attardo, Hemant Gujar, Han Lin, Hugh M. Robertson, Iris M. Vargas Jentzsch, Jay D. Evans, John H. Werren, Jose M.C. Ribeiro, Jacob M. Hendershot, Jayendra N. Shukla, Jeffery W. Jones, Jing-Jiang Zhou, Kristen A. Panfilio, Klaus Reinhardt, Kapil R. Raje, Maria Emilia Santos, Michael E. Scharf, Markus Friedrich, M. Mohan, Mark-Christoph Ott, Monica PoelchauMonica Poelchau, Matthew Weirauch, Nicolai Peschel, Omprakash Mittapalli, Pamela Menegazzi, Peter N. Refki, Paul R. Johnston, Ralf Nauen, Reinhard Predel, Richard W. Hagan, Seung-Joon Ahn, Subba R. Palli, Severine Viala, Sebastian Wernig, Valentina Resnik, Wolfgang Blenau, Zach N. Adelman, Stephen Richards

The Baylor College of Medicine recently sequenced and annotated the Cimex lectularius genome as part of the i5k pilot project. The C. lectularius research community has manually reviewed and curated the computational gene predictions and generated an official gene set, OGSv1.2.

The bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is a model organism for understanding dermonecrotic envenomation (sphingomylinase D). A key focus of research to understand neurotic fractions in venom. The bed bug also provides appropriate phylogenetic sampling across diversity of order Araneae.

This dataset presents the Cimex lectularius Official Gene Set (OGS) v1.2. The OGS is an integration of automatic gene predictions from MAKER (done by Dan Hughes at Baylor) with manual annotations by the research community (done via Web Apollo).

Official Gene Sets OGSv1.1 and OGSv1.0 were never publicly released. Full datasets for OGSv1.2 and OGSv1.3 are additionally accessible at VEuPathDB: VectorBase Files/Cimex-lectularius/

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Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Cimex lectularius Official Gene Set OGS_v1.1 for genome assembly Cimex lectularius v1.0.

    File Name: Cimex_lectularius_OGS_v1-2.tar_.gz

    Resource Description:

    The attached tar.gz archive (Cimex_lectularius_OGS_v1-2.tar.gz) contains the following files:

    clec_OGS_v1_2_CDS_NAL_IDs.fa. CDS sequences of Cimex lectularius genome annotations OGSv1.2.

    clec_OGS_v1_2_peptide_NAL_IDs.fa. Amino acid sequences of Cimex lectularius genome annotations OGSv1.2.

    clec_OGS_v1_2_cDNA.fa. cDNA sequences of Cimex lectularius genome annotations OGSv1.2.

    clec_OGS_v1_2.gff3 Gff3 of all gene predictions of Cimex lectularius genome annotations OGSv1.2.


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