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Annotated reference transcriptome for female Culicoides sonorensis biting midges

posted on 2023-12-18, 17:10 authored by Dana Nayduch, Christopher A. Saski

Unigene sequences were annotated by BlastX alignment to the non-redundant protein database (National Center for Biotechnology Information/GenBank) and the Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus gene annotations (Vectorbase). This was done with a 1e-05 expectation value. Top hits are shown including accession numbers and description, if available. Unigene number and corresponding GenBank accession numbers are provided for all C. sonorensis genes. Both tables are modified from supplementary information tables at and numbered accordingly.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: table s2 annotation.

    File Name: table s2 annotation.xlsx

  • Resource Title: table S3 GO terms.

    File Name: table S3 GO terms.xlsx

  • Resource Title: data dictionary Nayduch S2 S3.

    File Name: data dictionary Nayduch S2 S3_2.csv

    Resource Description: Defines parameters for annotation and GO terms.




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Nayduch, Dana; Saski, Christopher A. (2015). Annotated reference transcriptome for female Culicoides sonorensis biting midges. .