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Angus Sequence Data: Animal 44982

posted on 2023-11-30, 09:42 authored by Harvey Blackburn

Whole genome sequence data for Bovidae Bos taurus - beef Angus. The data is in "fastq" format.

The National Animal Germplasm Program has germplasm for this animal, with the repository number 44982.

There are two versions of each file because we did paired end sequencing. There are two reads for each of the 210 data lines (a forward and a reverse read) summing to 420 total. A diagram of this is provided in the Collection Dataset. In the diagram, the two reads would correspond to read 1 and read 3.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Animal 44982 Sequence Data - SCINet .

    File Name: Web Page, url:

    tar file containing 14 files. The files are: RAPiD-Genomics_F112_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S27_L003_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F112_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S27_L003_R2_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics-F113-CSU-136201-P001-WC03-i5-515-i7-123_S163_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics-F113-CSU-136201-P001-WC03-i5-515-i7-123_S163_L002_R2_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics-F113-CSU-136201-P001-WC03-i5-515-i7-123_S27_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics-F113-CSU-136201-P001-WC03-i5-515-i7-123_S27_L001_R2_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics-F114-CSU-136201-P001-WC03-i5-515-i7-123_S27_L003_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics-F114-CSU-136201-P001-WC03-i5-515-i7-123_S27_L003_R2_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F115_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S27_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F115_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S27_L001_R2_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F115_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S27_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F115_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S27_L002_R2_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F116_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S382_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz RAPiD-Genomics_F116_CSU_136201_P001_WC03_i5-515_i7-123_S382_L002_R2_001.fastq.gz

    The .tar file can be accessed/retrieved with valid SCINet account at this location: /KEEP/ADCdatastorage/NAL/published/node32141/44982.tar

    See the SCINet File Transfer guide for more information on moving large files:

    Globus users: The files can also be accessed through Globus by following this data link.The user will need to log in to Globus in order to retrieve this data. User accounts are free of charge with several options for signing on. Instructions for creating an account are on the login page.


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Blackburn, Harvey

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John E. Rouse-Colorado State University Beef Improvement Center, WY

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nucleotide sequences; Bovidae; cattle; beef; Angus; germplasm

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Blackburn, Harvey (2021). Angus Sequence Data: Animal 44982. Ag Data Commons.

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