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Analysis of Fusarium verticillioides gene expression in response to lactam and lactone compounds

posted on 2024-06-11, 05:53 authored by Toxicology & Mycotoxin Research Unit, USDA, ARS, USNPRC, R.B. Russell Research Center
Investigation of whole transcriptional changes in F. verticillioides FRC M-3125 when exposed to 5 μg/ml pyrrocidine A (PA), 20 μg/ml pyrrocidine B (PB), 50 μg/ml 2-benzoxazolinone (BOA), 50 μg/ml 2-oxindole (OXD), 50 μg/ml 2-coumaranone (CMN), or 50 μg/ml chlorzoxazone (CZX). Cultures were harvested one hour after exposure. Assessed in reference to control cultures of M-3125 exposed to DMSO (0.5% final concentration) since all the above compounds were dissolved in DMSO. Overall design: Two milliliters of PDB cultures in sterile snap-cap tubes, with caps loose, were seeded with 10000 FRC M-3125 wild-type F. verticillioides conidia and grown at 27 °C, 250 rpm for 47 hours, at which time the respective cultures were treated [10 μL DMSO containing 100 μg of either BOA, OXD, CMN, or CZX (final concentrations of 50 μg/mL); or 10 μg of PA (5 μg/m final); or 40 μg of PB (20 μg/m final)]. Ten microliters of DMSO was added to control samples. All culture tubes were incubated for a final one-hour induction. After induction, total RNA was extracted.


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