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iStitch: GUI-based Image Stitching Software

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Version 2 2024-04-08, 15:34
Version 1 2024-02-13, 15:19
posted on 2024-04-08, 15:34 authored by James Y. Kim

GUI-based software coded in PYTHON to automate image stitching and alignment processes from a set of tile images for the high throughput image analytics by implementing a series of algorithms: 1) deskewing the image acquired in an oblique view angle, 2) row alignment of the geometrically drifted image due to acquisition errors by detecting the crop row using Hough Transformation, and 3) options for omnidirectional overlap trimming and resizing.

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USDA-ARS: 2020-21410-007-00D

USDA-ARS: 2020-21000-013-00D

USDA-ARS: 2020-11000-013-00D


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Kim, James

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Intended use

iStitch serves as a GUI-based image stitching software for high throughput phenotyping (HTP) in plant breeding and sustainable crop management on field crops as well as plants in growth chambers or greenhouses. Images from a smartphone camera may be alternatively collected to study plant health conditions of field crops, when mobile platforms are not available due to UAV-banned area and the limited space. A set of tile images may be read and batch processed to convert into a stitched field image by straightening the geometric distortion and drift. iStitch offers a flexible solution to stitch and align tile images acquired on waypoints in oblique or nadir view via user-friendly interface for high through plant phenotyping and can be applied to stationary or mobile imaging platforms in greenhouse and fields.

Use limitations

iStitch supports stitching with user-defined parameters such as skew angle, heading directions, trimming percentages, and resizing percentage for images acquired on waypoints in regular spatial intervals. Software update is planned for GPS-based stitching with pre-calculated parameters. File/folder structure in batch process may need to be adjusted to read the end-user's data.

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POLYGON ((-373.59375715256 -65.778772326728, -373.59375715256 84.220160826965, -12.187442779541 84.220160826965, -12.187442779541 -65.778772326728))

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  • farming
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computer software; image analysis; plant analysis; image processors; remote sensing; Natural Resources Earth and Environmental Sciences; Research Technology and Engineering

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  • 005:18 - Agricultural Research Service

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  • 005:040 - National Research

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  • 301

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Kim, James Y. (2021). iStitch: GUI-based Image Stitching Software. Ag Data Commons.