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Feedstock Readiness Level Instructions, Checklist, and Report Template for Evaluations

posted on 2024-02-08, 20:38 authored by Jeffrey Steiner, Kristin LewisKristin Lewis, Nathan Brown, Harry Baumes

This dataset has been updated to replace Feedstock Readiness Level Evaluation Template (v.2) which is now superseded by Feedstock Readiness Level Checklist -2017_05_Repository_Template v3

Feedstock readiness level evaluations are performed for a specific feedstock-conversion process combination and for a particular region. FSRL evaluations complement evaluations of Fuel Readiness Level (FRL) and environmental progress. This document contains instructions, checklists for crops and for woody materials and residues, and a template for the report, as well as examples. Interested parties can use this template to submit Feedstock Readiness Evaluations to for inclusion in the Farm2Fly2.0 FSRL repository.

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: FSRL Data Dictionary.

    File Name: Data DictionaryF2F2_0.csv

  • Resource Title: Feedstock Readiness Level Checklist -2017_05_Repository_Template v3.

    File Name: Feedstock Readiness Level Checklist -2017_05_Repository_Template v3.xlsx

    Resource Description: Instructions and templates for performing a Feedstock Readiness Evaluation. Supersedes Feedstock Readiness Level Template (v2).


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The evaluations are intended to be used for two purposes: first, to enable stakeholders to identify gaps where further research, development or investment may be needed to facilitate readiness of a particular feedstock for a given conversion process, and second, to allow parties interested in developing alternative fuel facilities to understand what feedstocks may be available in the near term in a particular region.

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These evaluations are based on individual assessments at a given time and location and are not necessarily definitive or exhaustive.

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Steiner, Jeffrey; Lewis, Kristin C.; Brown, Nathan; Baumes, Harry (2016). Feedstock Readiness Level Instructions, Checklist, and Report Template for Evaluations. Ag Data Commons.

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