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Code from: Fast and robust curve skeletonization for real-world elongated objects

posted on 2024-02-09, 17:34 authored by Amy TabbAmy Tabb

This record contains C++ code and a Docker release for performing curve skeletonization of objects, which have a voxel representation. Curve skeletonization is used to convert a three-dimensional digital object or shape to locally one-dimensional parts; in other words, to reduce the shape information to a more easily processed form. Our algorithm does so for objects whose surface may be noisy, which is a common occurrence when working with data acquired under real-world conditions. This record also includes a test dataset for verifying that the code is running correctly and as examples of how to convert from different file types. This code is a companion to the paper, “Fast and robust curve skeletonization for real-world elongated objects,” by Amy Tabb and Henry Medeiros, published as part of the IEEE WACV 2018 conference. A free, identical version is available on arXiv:1702:07619[cs.CV] (

Open source code can be found at:

Docker container release can be found at:

We also include the results of using our code on one of the examples so that you can be sure that the code worked correctly. This folder is named 'A_Result' and can be found in the resource titled ''. A README is included in this record as well as in the examples folder. Both the GitHub and Docker repositories contain the test data to confirm that your data is formatted appropriately.

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Note: Docker link to Curve Skeleton repository resource was added on 7/30/2018

Resources in this dataset:

  • Resource Title: Examples of data formats needed to run the code.

    File Name:

    Resource Description: This directory contains a three-dimensional object in voxel representation, in directory "OurFileFormat". "ConversionFromImageSequence" contains files to demonstrate how to convert from the image sequence format common with ImageJ/Fiji to our format using our code. Finally, "A_Result" shows the results from running our code. A README is also included.

    Resource Software Recommended: Link to Github code,url:

  • Resource Title: README for the example directory.

    File Name: README_2017.txt


National Science Foundation: IOS-1339211

USDA-ARS: 8080-21000-024-00D


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Tabb, Amy

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The intended use of this code is to allow others to use and/or evaluate the authors' method of curve skeletonization. The code may also be used to develop and test new curve skeletonization methods.

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There are no use limitations for the code or Docker release. If the results of the code are used as a part of a system described in a publication, we request that the authors cite our published version of the paper (IEEE WACV, below), and this Ag Data Commons record (also below, a bibtex suggestion is given at the GitHub page). There are no guarantees of this code. It may be used to compare new methods of curve skeletonization, to use the authors' method of curve skeletonization in other systems, or to develop new methods of curve skeletonization. There are use limitations for the example data (e.g. three-dimensional models) provided in this record. The models may be used for evaluation and debugging purposes of the code, and used in published work for evaluations of curve skeletonization algorithms so long as the source paper (IEEE WACV 2018, below) is acknowledged as the source of the model. It is not necessary to compare using the authors' method in this case. However, outside of these situations, use of the model in published materials or 3D printed works is not permitted by this public release and authors interested in alternate uses should contact the authors for permission.


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Tabb, Amy (2017). Code from: Fast and robust curve skeletonization for real-world elongated objects. Ag Data Commons.